Drone Survey

OCEL is capable of undertaking aerial inspections of coastal structures using drones and precision aerial survey in association with company Dronescape Ltd to determine beach sand volumes and changes in following erosion events.

Aerial mapping by drone is a cost effective and efficient way to get an up to date view of a landscape. With the ability to fly at low altitudes (0-120m) well below cloud cover, high resolution imagery can be captured and stitched together to create stunning maps far superior to that of any outdated low resolution satellite imagery.

Once a map has been created it can be annotated using data from other sources (boundaries, property titles, services) and provided in any format required or printed to any size.

Combining the mapping process with ground survey can also provide pin point accuracy, being able to take accurate measurements anywhere on the map and  the option of extrapolating map data/points into GPS guided machinery. Having survey grade accuracy also gives way to different maps that can  show valuable land information like contours and elevation models for drainage.