Temporary Ship Loading Structure
at New Plymouth

OCEL Consultants NZ Limited offers services in civil, structural and mechanical engineering.

As well as a wide range of general experience in these fields including civil and structural design, particularly of “one off type structures”, the Practice comprises specialist skills in coastal and offshore engineering including submarine pipelines and cables, harbour works, offshore and underwater structures, loading buoys and mooring systems, coastal management and protection, and coastal processes, including sediment movement and inlet stability studies.



Small Boat Launch Facility
at Duvauchelle

Other areas of capability include feasibility studies and planning, site investigations, environmental impact reporting, contract procedures, project management, small hydro-electric development, irrigation and foundation engineering.



Cable Inspection ROV
for Cook Strait Power Cable

The senior staff members of OCEL Consultants NZ Limited are qualified professional engineers with wide ranging experience in project investigation, feasibility and economic assessment, engineering design and expediting. This experience has been built up over many years and for a variety of clients.



Prepared Pipeline & Launchway
for Dairy Factory Outfall at Hawera

Management Skills

The senior staff members of OCEL Consultants NZ Limited are all directors of the company and involved in both the day to day management of the company itself, and in the management and planning of their own allocated engineering projects. Through careful planning, client consultation and management methods OCEL achieves good control and focus of projects.

The involvement of senior personnel in both project management and the practical engineering aspects of a project provides clear advantages in maintaining a flexibility of approach allowing investigations and ideas to be directed as needs dictate and as the project proceeds. This degree of control ensures value for money to the client.