October 2019

Load testing mussel farm screw anchors.

September 2019

Kaiapoi Marine Precinct open September 2019















Dredged material de-watering area

Suction dredging Kaiapoi River for the Kaiapoi Marine Precinct.

Port Otago Wharf

Complete November 2019.

May 2019

Pan Pac

Pull PE liner pipe into the existing corroded and leaking steel pipe & shore transition for the effluent outfall using HDD equipment.

PE Pipestring, 315mm diameter, 324m long fabrication onshore

HDD rig set up onshore to pull liner pipe in the existing 16″ steel pipe


View of shore transition, NZDS work boat Shoman over the point where the shore transition section exits onto the seabed. Sheet pile structure at waters edge marks the location of the leak

April 2019

Port Moresby

Completion of 200m long sheet piled quay facility at Port Moresby for Avenell Engineering Services.

August 2018

Port Otago Wharf

Progress on the new Port Otago Wharf at Port Charmers, scheduled for completion end of November 2018.








February 2018

Panpac Stage 3 500m Pipe Pull – Hawkes Bay Napier


September 2018

Start of pile driving at Port Chalmers for the new Port Otago wharf.

May 2017

Design component of HEB successful design and build tender for new Multipurpose wharf for Port Otago Ltd. Port Chalmers

Construction of 350T travel lift haulout facility for Tauranga City Council. Sheet piling and wharf design by OCEL.

April 2017

Installation of the Hastings District Council ocean outfall diffuser using the float and sink technique. 300m diffuser length replaced by 2 x 150 pipestrings 900mm in diameter. Replacement diffuser fabricated offshore then towed off the beach and floated to site April 2017.

Installation of first pipe string

Pipe launching

Pipe launching

Installation of 2nd pipe string

Installation of 2nd pipe string